Working from Home, Be your own Boss!

This is a new idea which just came in a sudden. I hate to say that but I love to be doing so. Working from home is just like being Americans with their american dream. The idea is to get freedom. That’s what every body wish to get – to independently choose and decide what is right for your own living.

I do believe, every body who ever worked in any companies as an employee found that working for boss is just like getting pain in the ass. You must be obedient and do anything as Boss says. Order is order. This certainly violates the right for you to be free and express your own ideas.

At least, I have felt it. I don’t want to do that any longer. I want freedom. You want freedom. We all want freedom. Let’s start working from home dude! Be your own boss!


A Fresh Start

This writing is the beginning of everything. You can call it as an embrio of where I will be in years ahead.   I would just make it short of course. I will go nowhere except to the success path even if it is harder than I thought. Glad to have started. Glad to have seen someone read this.